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People Hire People, Not Resumes

“People Hire People - Not Resumes, was a great investment and I would recommend purchasing it and following its approach to networking in relation to finding your next position. His book will always be an important resource for me.”

- Patti Beck

Are you 'under-employed' or 'unemployed', struggling to advance your career? You're not alone.

In today's business world, hard work only gets you so far. How do I know? I've been there. In People Hire People - Not Resumes, I will share the process I developed while conducting my own job search more than five years ago. I was tired of being given advice to 'Network! Network!' when no one could explain what networking actually was. Out of desperation, I figured it out myself and shortly thereafter landed a position that crossed both industries and job functions.

Today, as a search coach, I am teaching my proprietary system to my clients, helping hundreds of individuals propel their own careers.

When you have finished reading People Hire People - Not Resumes, you will understand how to conduct a job search or career change that is completely in your control.

You will learn how to:

  • Hold yourself accountable to ensure your success

  • Develop a personal marketing plan to guide your search

  • Make your resume stand out by passing the 30 second thumb test

  • Meet with people that can make a difference in your search

  • Present yourself as the most qualified candidate

  • Build powerful relationships that will last a lifetime


Every person I have worked with over the last five years has been successful because they followed the process. Take the process seriously, it works.

If you are serious about advancing your career, get started now, because nobody will do it for you. Additional information on Frank’s career coaching and networking services can be found at  To contact Frank, e-mail him at or call him at 877-542-5940.

About Frank

Frank is a seasoned executive with over twenty-five year's experience leading a $500 million division for a Fortune 50 company and developing clinical business units for a $2 billion healthcare organization.

During his career Frank coached, mentored and influenced thousands of employees and developed and implemented a leadership development program for mid and senior level employees. Over the last five years Frank has individually coached hundreds of clients during their career transitions and trained over a 2,500 additional clients on the process of job search.

Frank has been a guest speaker at national outplacement firms such as Lee Hecht Harrison and Right Management, networking groups such as Execunet, and non-profit organizations such as The Catholic Employment Network and Businessmen Between Jobs.

He is the author of the job search book, People Hire People - Not Resumes. In People Hire People - Not Resumes, Frank shares his proven process to career advancement. When you have finished reading People Hire People - Not Resumes, you will understand how to conduct a job search or career change that is completely in your control. Whether you are unemployed, underemployed, or simply looking for tips to making your next big move, Frank's career networking process can help you get there faster and easier.

In 2007 Frank helped start Executive Connections - St. Louis, an organization focused on teaching executive level clients the life skills of career networking and relationship building as well as providing the forum for continued personal and professional development and the life skill of networking.

Frank is the President and board member of The Catholic Employment Network and a board member of The Academy of St. Louis, a private school for special needs children. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering along with a Masters in Business Administration.

“People Hire People - Not Resumes, is excellent.”

- Sandi Hubert

Get a chance to read some of the book before you buy. Click here now! 

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