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The three keys to a successful career transition are knowing what you are selling, identifying who you are selling to and implementing an effective selling strategy.

To sell, we create your unique personal brand highlighting your skills and accomplishments. Targeting specific companies and hiring managers we build a customized job search plan resulting in a logical and comprehensive roadmap to success. Preparation is critical so we start the process day one so you are confident, standing out from the competition.

Teaching the art of networking, the most effective selling strategy as 90% of all jobs are found through networking, you will learn to market yourself and build professional relationships.

Throughout your journey you will be provided the coaching, encouragement and accountability needed to break through issues, becoming confident, focused and successful.


Successful businesses understand the needs of their customers, develop products and organize their company to meet those needs, and hire the right people to produce products and meet customer needs.

If you do this well your success will follow.

 With a strategic viewpoint we rapidly define your customer needs, identify targeted customers and define your value proposition. As your business partner we assist establishing clear measurable objectives, setting priorities, evaluating alternatives, making the touch decisions and holding you accountable.

With a consultative approach and determination, clients are supported in every phase of their business to be successful.


Navigating the corporate landscape is always challenging. Helping clients build relationships within their organization, which is critical to success, having the ability to read situations and willingness to provide honest feedback instills confidence in clients to succeed.

We help build a plan, establish objectives to measure success and then help you work the plan. Our extensive business experience provides the ability to identify issues, solve problems and anticipate outcomes. Having a trusted partner during your journey will help you be more successful.

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