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The Tools You Need to Take Control of Your Career

The Tools You Need to Take Control of Your Career


The Book



Your Roadmap to Career Success

Read the Book to Understand the Process

Become a Member

to Follow the Process

Write Your Resume

so People Want to Talk to You

Prepare for an Interview

to be the

Best Candidate

The Book

Learn the 3-keys to a successful career transition

1. Know what you are selling

2. Know who you are selling to

3. Know how to sell

The process is laid out by someone that has guided thousands in job search. This is a step by step guide to find the next step in your career.


 your Bridge toYour Success

Get Access to the Tools You Need for a Successful Job Search

  1. Being Prepared to Search

  2. Marketing Yourself

  3. Building your Network

  4. Meeting the Right People

  5. Hold Yourself Accountable

  6. Interviewing to get Hired

Your resume

Learn to write your resume so it Stands out from the Others

Resumes get a 30 second review, ensure yours will be picked from the stack

  1. Top half page is critical 

  2. Be specific on your role

  3. Define how you add value

  4. Include your skills

  5. Results - Action Bullets

  6. Sell yourself not companies


Be the best prepared to be the best candidate

To prepare for an interveiw

  1. Write out accomplishment stories

  2. Write out answers to typical interview questions

  3. Prepare examples of work

  4. Know what you want them to learn about you

  5. Ask questions to learn how they will make their decision

  6. Close the sell

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